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We’ve gotten through the first month of 2016 and boy has it been quite the adventure so far. I don’t know about you but some of the more common themes I’ve seen come across my social media and email feeds have been “new year, new you” or “start this new year off with a clean slate” or “a fresh start to the new year.” I agree that the new year is a great reason to start things off anew and we all know the list of new year resolutions can go on and on, but let’s face it, sometimes it can all get overwhelming.

While I think starting off the new year with goals is great, I like to take a little bit of a different approach and keep it simple. I’ve seen a lot of things come across about diets, cleanses and detoxes and it got me thinking…is all of it really necessary?! I decided to take a little time to read and investigate. I’ll spare you the gory details but wow, Google really has some crazy stuff to be discovered.

I realized that most “experts” came to the conclusion that cleaning is something your body does naturally and that your skin is a direct reflection of what you put in, remember the old saying, “you are what you eat”. While juicing, teas and adhering to special diets can help the detox/cleansing process, the most important thing you can do for yourself is eat healthy throughout the year. Think about it, is a one-week juice cleanse really going to rid your body of toxins in such a short amount of time? Everyone’s needs vary and I’m a wholehearted believer that a good nutritionist can help you get back on track and create a great plan that addresses individual issues. So my simple conclusion, treat everyday like it’s the beginning of a new year and feed your body well.

During this process I decided that this year I would really focus on eating foods that were not only good for my health but I would focus on those that were especially good for my skin…and put all of what I read to the test. I also realized that doing this meant I had to make sure I was as disciplined about what I put on the outside, my skincare routine, as I was about what I put inside. With my list of what I call “skin foods” ingrained in my head I moved onto my skincare routine. I’ve raved about the benefits of exfoliation but NC’s Facial Detox Exfoliating Mask is the foundation of my skincare routine and I’ve used it twice a week for years. You see, in order for your skin to absorb any other product you need to make sure it’s ready to do so and this little miracle worker does exactly that, it gives your skin that fresh start on a weekly basis. French green clay is the secret and it has been used for centuries; it literally “drinks” oils, toxic substances and impurities from your skin while tightening your pores, toning your skin, exfoliating your skin cells and reducing inflammation. Quite the multi-tasker!

Every great skincare routine needs a great foundation and that’s what our Facial Detox Exfoliating Mask is. Now that I have my health and beauty resolutions in order, I can move onto the more important resolutions like finding ways to make this world a better place. I’m taking baby steps and starting with healthy skin care and my new studio. That said, I hope your new year is off to a wonderful start and that you find pleasure in doing the little things that help you feel good, look good and be good!

xo Lenka

Need a little “cheat sheet” to get you started? Here’s a slideshow of 24 food recommendations from Los Angeles dermatologist Jessica Wu, MD and author of Feed Your Face:
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  75% of the fat in Olive Oil is a monosaturated fatty acid, our good old youth boosting friend.  

  The lycopene in tomatoes improves skin’s natural SPF. This doesn’t mean you can skip sunscreen though!  

  Hello old friend! 1 ounce a day can help improve circulation and hydrate skin.  

  Love it or hate it, it’s a sure way to lower cholesterol and steer you away from sugary, carb loaded, insulin boosting breakfast alternative.  

  Okay, so not everyone will run out and buy sardines but salmon is also rich in omega-3 called DHA which is an anti-inflammatory.  

  Brew some up for a healthy dose of antioxidants that improve blood flow.   

  Mmmmm, I love kale. It’s a great source of skin firming vitamin C and A. There are some really fantastic recipes to be found online so explore your options, let Google be your friend!  

  Although people think of almonds as their go-to nut, walnuts are packed with an omega-3 called alpha-linolenic acid which has been shown to be helpful in relieving eczema associated with dry, scaly skin.  

  Most of us love the juice but had no idea about the peels. Consuming the peels of citrus fruit reduce your risk for squamous cell carcinoma. So get out those zesters and enjoy!  

  Contains a higher ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids, and packs 30 grams of protein per 3.5 ounce serving. Protein is the building block of collagen and elastin tissue…but keep it lean!  

  Herbs, herbs, herbs…you know how I feel about them! Eat them all, adding fresh herbs are a simple way to add antioxidants to your diet.  

  Irritated by dairy’s inflammatory properties? Almond milk is a dream solution. Opt for the unsweetened, organic brands.  

  Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, nothing takes the place of water. Drink water, save on sugar. Bored with water? Add some cucumber, lemon or lime slices to liven things up.  

  I know they aren’t for everyone but know that they’re the best source of dietary zinc which plays an important part in growth and function of skin cells.  

  High in antioxidants that fight aging free radicals.   

  Not that we need more reason to enjoy our cup of joe, those who drink it every day had an 1% lower prevalence of non-melanoma skin cancer. But like chocolate, enjoy in moderation!  

  Did you know one medium kiwi packs 120% of your daily needs of vitaminC? Eating this fruit stimulates collagen synthesis, need we say more?!?  

  Offering a hefty dose of protein without a lot of fat, and less fat is a good thing for your skin.   

  Cooked pumpkin is a top source of beta-carotene, which the body converts into vitamin A and is essential for the growth of skin cells. Half a cup gives you nearly 400% of your daily value for A, who knew?!?! Remember the pumpkin in you latte doesn’t count.   

  Music to our ears every time. Red wine is a top source of resveratrol, an antioxidant compound with anti-tumor properties.   

  Stay pimple free with sunflower seeds! Vitamin E in the seeds is thought to enhance immune function allowing the body to fight off inflammation that can lead to acne.  

  Trade in your blush for a few carrots and get that natural glow.  

  Have dark spots? As one of the best sources of vitamin B12, mackerel gives you 270% of what your body needs in a day. How do you say no to that?  

  Low on the glycemic index, these little wonders are rich in protein and fiber, two nutrients that slow down digestion and lower blood sugar response….things associated with hormonal change, therefore change in your skin.  


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