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Do you test your products on animals?
Are you crazy? No, never!

If I’m not sure how my skin will react to a certain product, can I try it before I buy?
Natura Culina offers samples of all of our products. Please email us at info@naturaculina.com with your request and for a flat shipping fee of $10.00 we will get the samples to you so you can start using them! If you are placing an order and want to try something you haven’t tried before, just let us know in the “comment” section and we will gladly ship it with your order.

Are your products good for all skin types?
Yes! I want everyone to be able to use my products so I have designed them with you all in mind.

At Natura Culina we are very sensitive to those with sensitive skin! Toxic and harmful chemicals like parabens, aluminum, sulfates (sodium lauryl sulfates), phthalates, mercury, lead, petroleum, synthetic emulsifiers, fillers and colors are NOT used in our products.

You should always pay attention to ingredients, however, so if you have any sensitivities to listed ingredients, please do not use the product.

What is the difference between Essential Oils and a Blend?
At Natura Culina we understand how important scent is to all of our customers and we know you all have your favorites! To create our beautiful aromas we use either essential oils or fragrance.

We all know by now that fragrance is a synthetically made substance and some of the ingredients used in the process of making fragrance can be harmful to our skin, such as Phthalates. Natura Culina is committed to using a type of fragrance free of Phthalates.

Essential Oils are 100% naturally distilled from plants and flowers. We offer both and the difference is clearly stated in all of our descriptions and in our ingredient lists. If you have any questions about which product would be best suited to your skincare needs, please contact us!

What will you find in NC products?
NC products are based on pure and high quality natural ingredients like Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil and more.

Here at Natura Culina we are very picky about the ingredients we use so we always look for high quality ingredients available for our products. The raw ingredients we use come from different regions and different plants all over the world. Our suppliers provide us with the highest quality raw material available. Natura Culina stands for transparency  and truthfulness in labeling and that is why of ALL of our ingredients are always listed with each product.

Shipping and Tracking

How much is shipping and how are the products shipped?
All shipping is a flat rate of $10.00 so order as many products as you want! We proudly use the US Postal Service Priority Mail to ship.

How can I track my package?
When the order is shipped, you will receive a tracking number via the email address you have provided.

How long after I place my order is it shipped?
We need 3-5 days to get your order together and headed your way! All of our products are made fresh and in small batches.

Is it easy to return or exchange a product?
Unfortunately, we are unable to accept opened products so please ask for samples!

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