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Finally! A delicious lip balm that will leave your lips feeling hydrated AND protected. Our exclusive blend of 100% all-natural healing honey, super oils and butters, Zinc Oxide and vitamins create the ultimate balm designed to hydrate, heal and protect your lips. We use Sweet Almond Oil for smoothness, Shea And Cocoa Butters to add moisture and Zinc Oxide for SPF. Our vitamin enhanced blend containing Vitamins C and E boost the production of collagen and work together in our daily fight against dry, chapped lips. This luxurious lip balm will replace all the others!

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HoneyC Lip Balm with SPF+Vitamin C

“6 years ago I had surgery on my lips due to cancer, since that time I have suffered with severe chapping and bleeding. I had tried many products with no relief until I discovered Lenka and her wonderful Natura Culina LIP BALM. An hour after I started using the lip balm my lips felt soft and after about a month I could even finally wear lipstick again. I’m so grateful for this product, it’s truly the best I’ve ever used and I can’t wait to try more Natura Culina products. If the lip balm is this fantastic I’m sure I’ll love the GOAT MILK SOAP! Thank you Lenka!”
~ Jane Schneider, Castaic, CA


Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter*, Sweet Almond Oil*, Raw Honey*, Lavender, Vanilla, Mint and Lemon Essential Oils,Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Zinc Oxide.
*Certified Organic

Vitamin C is a skin booster, loaded with anti-oxident properties to help skin repair itself by aiding our skin with collagen production.