Perk Me Up Coffee Soap

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We had you in mind when we created this 100% all natural soap, enriched with our exclusive blend of Mint, Lavender, and Vanilla essential oils. Like your first cup of coffee, this soap is your skin’s first cup of coffee for the day. We use freshly roasted and caffeinated coffee and the benefits of caffeine, when applied topically, are seemingly endless.

It is well-known to reduce cellulite (need we say more?)!! It is enriched with tons and tons of antioxidants, which aid in our fight against free-radicals and has anti-inflammatory properties known to reduce redness, giving us a more even skin tone. Did you know that caffeine also firms and tightens our skin, and repairs UV damage? When blended with Natures super oils like Coconut oil, Olive oil, and Castor oil and all blended with the sweet aroma of Vanilla and the cooling sensation of Mint, this soap is a perfect way to wake up. You might even feel like skipping coffee! Ok, maybe not…

Hard to decide? Ask your friends

Bars are available in:
Exfoliating –
With exfoliating coffee grounds for smoother and healthier skin
Smooth – Without exfoliating coffee ground

“I have always been skeptical about the claims beauty products make…to firm this or erase that…especially when the ingredient list is a mile long and full of scary-sounding, hard-to-pronounce things. But since I was fortunate enough to receive a sample of the all-natural Natura Culina coffee soap, whose caffeine content is touted to help with cellulite, I figured it was worth trying, at least on my thighs and rear end. I am not the type of woman who obsesses over body flaws on a daily basis, so it was about two weeks into using the product before I caught a glimpse of my backside in the mirror while getting dressed. I really could not believe the difference! There was definitely a much smoother, firmer appearance! I am SOLD!”
~ Jill W. Bartine, Knoxville, TN

• Lavender and Eucalyptus essential oils are known to trigger seizures in epilepsy patients!


Olive Oil, Coconut Oil*, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter*, Freshly Roasted & Caffeinated Coffee, Sodium Hydroxide, Zinc Oxide, Lavender, Vanilla, Mint Essential Oils.
*Certified Organic


For best results use AM/PM in the shower or bath and follow with our moisturizing Shea Butter for healthy and glowing skin.