Rose Facial Mist



Remember when you were kid and the thing you wanted most to do on hot summer days was run through the first sprinkler you could find? The grown-up version is a facial mist, for spritzing your overheated skin without getting chased off a stranger’s lawn.

We use a high quality Rose Water that is not only a fantastic toner for all skin types but also an excellent skin hydrating product, full of skin nourishing properties. Natura Culina’s Rose Water Spray is made from 100% pure certified organic Rose Water.

Rose water can bring benefits to all skin types, it can help sooth and cool sensitive and irritated skin, balance and cleanse oily skin, rejuvenate, soften and tone mature skin, revitalize and add beautiful glow to normal skin. Rose water is distilled with anti-oxidants and various vitamins, therefore, it can help prevent the signs of aging and nourish the skin.

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Key Botanical: Rose – Sensual | Women | Romance | Luxury








“Although I have only been using Natura Culina products for less than two months, I have already seen drastic changes in the way my skin looks and feels. I have suffered with acne for eight years and over the past few years, I have suffered with the anxious act of picking at my face. I first discovered Natura Culina while on Instagram. A girl I went to middle school and high school with, Dagny Knutson, posted a screenshot of her face on the NC website. Dagny is a swimmer and I know how harsh chlorine can be on the skin. I decided to give it a try, starting off with the FOAMING LAVENDER FACE WASH and the ROSE FACIAL MIST. These two products alone have changed my face so much. The tone of my skin has started to even out. I am not breaking out and all of the marks I had from picking have started to disappear. Living in Arkansas is not easy for a girl who enjoys wearing make-up. You step outside and it instantly melts off. The heat makes you sweat and feel beyond dirt. I come home at night and wash my face and everything feels so fresh and clean. I also started using the PERK ME UP COFFEE SOAP.  As a dancer, I sweat while wearing t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc, this lead to acne appearing on my back and shoulders. A week after I began using this soap my back and shoulders were clearing up and my skin was smoothing out. Recently, at night after I wash my face, I apply the ROSE FACIAL OIL. I can’t even explain how much of a difference I have seen in my marks. Another one of my favorite products is the SHEA BUTTER. As a dancer/choreographer, I constantly have bruises and scratches/floor-burns all over my legs and feet. After I shower at night, I rub in some shea butter on my legs and feet, put socks on, and jump in bed. When I wake up in the morning, not only is my skin smooth and soft, my bruises and marks begin healing and my skin tone is so even. Natura Culina products are changing my life. I feel so much happier when I’m not wearing make-up and I just feel great in my skin, which is something I don’t think I have ever said. Thank you Lenka!”
~Kayla Edwards, Conway, AR


100% pure certified organic Rose Water


Mist your face after using Lavender Face Wash AM/PM. Follow up with Rose Oil. Using your Rose Water Facial Mist also during the day will restore moisture and supply nutrients for your skin to thrive.

Effective for all skin types.