Hello my NC Beauties,

During the last few weeks I’ve been receiving feedback from a few expecting mommas and it occurred to me that I’ve never really talked about using Natura Culina products during pregnancy or how pregnancy can affect your skin. In doing a little research I came across a few articles that perfectly summed up what exactly is going on…in one word, CHANGE!

Simply stated, in a nutshell…as if there wasn’t enough change going on in your life during pregnancy! This change can take on many forms and skin issues can vary pregnancy to pregnancy. We all hear about the “glow” that so many women have (or have been tricked into thinking they should have) while pregnant. Some women experience nothing but bliss during pregnancy (no morning sickness, great hair, skin and nails, very little swelling, etc.) and for these select few, we say…bless you, enjoy your pregnancy to the fullest! But the reality is, this is a small group and the majority of women experience changes during pregnancy, in different ways and at different degrees. Of the various skin issues that can arise here are just a common few.

Aside from taking care of yourself on the inside, because we’d be remiss in not mentioning the obvious list of priorities which include drinking more water than you thought was possible, eating well, exercising and resting as much as you can; stretch marks tend to be high on the list of unwelcome things that come with pregnancy.  Over 90% of women get them and we can’t really say there is one absolute way to make them disappear, BUT the good news is that they are several ways to prevent them.

So let’s take a look and what can be done…

A while back you might remember that I posted about the importance of exfoliation. Out with the old and in with the new, should be the motto when it comes to exfoliating your skin…out with the old layer of dead skin cells that is.  In order to keep moisture in you need to remove the dead skin cells on the outer surface so that your skin readily accepts moisturizer and it can penetrate on a deeper level. This is even more necessary and important during pregnancy while hormones are raging and your skin is stretching…EXFOLIATING IS A MUST and needs to become a common bath time routine!

Secondly, we all know how important moisturizing your skin is, right?!? This crucial step becomes even more important during pregnancy. As your skin stretches to make room for your ever growing bundle of joy it’s very important to keep key areas moisturized: tummy, hips, lower back, chest area, thighs and legs…and mommas, it needs to be laid on thick and often. You’ll often see various oil products recommended specifically for pregnant bellies, this is because moisturizing with oil is moisturizing in its simplest form. Coconut oil, almond oil, sesame oil and vitamin E (know to help with scarring) are all common ingredients that are recommended and luckily our Shea Butter includes coconut, rosehip and vitamin e oil and the all important main ingredient, Shea Butter. Offered in a variety of essential oils and blends that are safe to use during pregnancy, our Shea Butter is chemical and paraben free and for those sensitive mommas we have an unscented Shea Butter too!

With all of the focus being on your body, let’s not forget your face. Many women have to change their skin care routine while pregnant because of how their skin reacts to what they were previously using or because they realize (after vigorously reading all the labels and googling everything) that now is the time for safe skin care. We believe that your skin care routine, whether pregnant or not, should always be free of toxic and harmful chemical so using our simple yet effective skin care regimen is perfect for expecting mommas.

Remembering that less is more and that “green is clean” when it comes to beauty our wish for all expecting mommas is that they find what works for them and that they truly enjoy their pregnancy. We know how amazingly beautiful pregnant women are and that the little light inside of you gives you all of the “glow” you need!

XO – Lenka


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