Hello my NC Beauties,
It’s been a while! The holidays are upon us and so is the winter season. I think during this time of the year we tend to think about taking care of others more than we do ourselves and it’s easy to let the “little things” fall by the wayside. BUT I’m here to remind you to take care of you… your skin will thank me later.

Sweater weather means cold wet/dry conditions that can wreak havoc on our skin. With so much happening during the holiday seasons, making changes to our skin care routine for winter weather isn’t always a top priority, we’re quick to bundle up in an effort to keep warm but often forget about protecting our skin that’s under all those layers.

I think it’s critical to do a simple analysis of your skin and make adjustments to your routine and find the right products that fit your needs, this is especially true in the winter. We know there are so many “hydrating” products available to women that it can make your head spin. Creams, gels, balms and oils…where do you begin and which is right for you? Rule #1, if the label is full of mystifying words and ingredients, leave it on the shelf! Rule #2, good, effective hydration begins with natural, organic ingredients.hydrating-oils
In creating my Regenerating Facial Oil, the main goal was to formulate a deeply hydrating product that had anti-aging properties but was also non-oily and quick absorbing. I wanted it all! After extended research and experiments, my short but effective list of ingredients included Rosehip Seed Oil, Rose Essential Oil, Calendula Oil and Vitamin C&E oils.

• Rosehip Seed oil and Rose Essential Oil – Known throughout history as a Fountain of Youth because of their benefits to the skin
• Calendula Oil – Skin healing topical oil with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.
• Vitamin C&E Oils – Necessary anti-oxidants and crucial for collagen production and firming.
Benefits:  Hydrating  |  Anti-aging  |  Evens skin tone  |  Good for all skin types


I had customers who reached out and let me know that they were allergic to roses and/or had sensitive skin so I knew I had to create a product for their unique hydration needs. Soothing Facial Oil is a gentle product formulated with jojoba and chamomile oils.

• Jojoba Oil – An amazing multi-tasker that mimics the skins own oil.
• Chamomile Oil – Calming/soothing properties, just think of it as drinking a nourishing cup of chamomile tea but for your skin!
Benefits:  Hydrating  |  Extremely beneficial for sensitive or problematic skin  |  Good for all skin types


Being hydrated doesn’t have to be complicated, keep it simple and natural! Use the facial oil that works for your skin needs to hydrate from the outside but also drink plenty of water to hydrate from the inside. Now you know the “secrets” to having healthy winter skin. I hope that this holiday winter season brings you all wonderful blessings and beautiful skin.

xo Lenka

NC BONUS – Here are a few more ways to stay hydrated. Shea Butter On the Go is a great way to keep your hands soft and smooth throughout the day, and my personal favorite, Lip Balm HoneyC is critical for a beautifully hydrated pout!


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