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Matcha Bliss Nourishing Yogurt Hydration Mask

Now you can sample our Matcha Bliss - Nourishing Yogurt Hydration Mask - Food for Your Skin!

This simple yet indulgent mask is designed to rejuvenate, nourish and hydrate your skin, leaving it feeling blissfully refreshed.

Key Ingredients: 

Matcha Leaf - packed with antiaging antioxidants for a healthy glow.

Nourishing Yogurt - provides a burst of hydration for supple skin.

Turmeric Root - loaded with ani-inflammatory properties to soothe irritation. 

Why Choose Matcha Bliss? 

Quick and easy application for busy lifestyles.

Gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Deep hydration without the fuss.

Naturally derived ingredients to feed the skin. 

How to use:

Apply a thin layer to clean skin (face & neck) Leave on 15-20mins. Rinse off and follow up with the rest of your skincare routine. For best results use 1-2 xweek or as much as needed to hydrate dry skin.



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