Skin Consultation Products

This is how your free skin consultation works:

After adding this to your cart, you will receive a brief questionnaire via email to give us information about your skin type, skin issues & concerns. 

The founder, Lenka, will then be able to determine the best products to suit your skin's unique needs. You will receive all of the recommended products, and a detailed step-by-step email on how to best care for your skin using NC products.

To see the difference NC has made in our costumers skin, please click on the left and right arrows to scroll through this gallery [Before & Afters]


Step 1: Checkout (just to pay the shipping fee & add your shipping address)

Step 2: Expect questionnaire email within 1-3 business days

Step 3: Reply to questionnaire email with answers to our questions

Step 4: You will receive email with step-by-step recommendations from our founder, Lenka, within 7-14 business days. (These items will all be shipped to you to the address provided at checkout.)

Step 5: You will receive a second email with tracking information for your products/shipment.